Paglen Studio Art

Livining in the light

Peter A Paglen

About the Artist

Peter Paglen began his artistic career in 1980 as a commercial illustrator, architectural render and graphic designer. Over his thirty year career he has helped hundreds of architects envision thousands of new structures, from banks and churches to new monorail systems and highways. Peter moved his family and business to Banner Elk, North Carolina, in August of 1995 and he and his wife, Stephanie, have been active members of the local community ever since.

In 2002 he accepted an adjunct position in Appalachian State University’s Interior Design Department, teaching students how to draw and present their design concepts. Before Appalachian State brought Peter on board, the University had never offered a drawing course comparable to this class for its Interior Design students. This gave him the opportunity to use his considerable talent and real-world experience to create a class specially tailored to the needs of his students. This class became a required course and is affectionately known by the students as class “Pete’s class.”

At the same time that Peter was creating the drawing course for Appalachian State he began to desire a more challenging artistic outlet than the architectural rendering he made his living with. In 26 years of painting for clients, he very rarely had the opportunity to paint what truly inspired him. In his search for inspiration, Peter found that he was fascinated by the beauty of the North Carolina High Country. This love of the outdoors and nature led to a series of paintings ten years in the making. Peter spent hundreds of hours hiking throughout Avery, Watauga and Ashe Counties gathering the perfect material for his Light in Nature series. When asked ‘why the High Country?’ Peter responded,

“I just love light in nature. There are times it’s so beautiful it just stops me.”

Light in Nature

Peter’s many years of experience in architectural rendering paid off in the breath-taking realism of Peter’s landscapes in Light in Nature. His exquisite control of light and texture could only have been achieved by a true master of the craft. 

His studio is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains at an elevation of 4000 feet. His has a panoramic view of the mountains, which are breathtaking and inspirational. This is a perfect place to work and enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. It creates a feeling of serenity, which is motivating and encouraging. Perfect for an artist and his art.

Please browse his gallery and contact him if you would like to purchase an original, or Giclee on canvas. Thank you


26 years of Architectural Rendering, approximately 1600 renditions